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About Us

Riomation Trading & Services is a water filter & CCTV supply and Services in Johor Bahru, we keen to supply and provide professional service on water filtration system & CCTV solution. With Riomation team, you will get expert information regarding clean water & security Service System Consult.

We will let you know the important of getting a most effective water filtration system, the best quality of water filter system that we can provide and to help you to set up a water filter system with budgeted cost.

We have over 10 years’ experience in water filter industry, so we are confident that you will have healthy and clean water for your family or organization that we back up with the strongest quality available.

Riomation Trading & Services also provide sales & service of water dispenser in Johor Bahru, replacement water filter, 5 gallon RO drinking water delivery service in Johor Bahru.

We also provide Food & beverage Water filters system, RO system for commercial useage, UF membrane, distribute of Hydrogen water system & Solar Panel in Johor Bahru.

Our Mission

To become leader in high quality water filtration system in Johor by delivering the most efficient products for clients’ specific application. Expanding our market presence, strive to understand our clients’ needs and support with continuous development of innovative products on the forefront of water filtration technology.

Our Values


We consistently develop filtration products and solutions to the highest standard that outperform the competition time after time.


We provide custom water filtration system solution for our client while focusing on flexible and timely delivery.


We continually improve our products and technology in our state of the art research center.


We will not supply you a product unless it is the proper solution.


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